Welcome to Highway English school

The Kadur Academy of Education was established in 1988 with the purpose to give the people a broad and good education for preparing them to qualify and excel in their careerread more

Vision and Mission

Imparting spiritual moral, academic and asthetic values through formal and non-formal courses on integeration more


Admissions for each class commence from april.The children seeking for admission in class 1 to 10 have an entrance test more


The role of the teacher has undergone a significant change in the recent days. Teacher has become a facilitator more


Smart class

Smart class, a comprehensive solution designed to provide teachers with an instant access to multimedia content and instruction material mapped exactly to the specific curriculum guidelines for use in class. smart class facilities have been arranged for the students as well as the teachers.

Sports activities

Spacious playground has been provided for various sports activities. We have planned to introduce swimming , horse riding , gymnasium in the years to come. regular annual competition are conducted and students are encouraged to take active part in state and national level competition.

co-curricular activities

Special emphasis is given to literacy , cultural and other extra curricular activities. Classes are also conducted in Dance , Music and Yoga for all round development

and exposing hidden talents, the various clubs are formed

extra curricular activities

The school provides a wide range of Co-Curricular activities to the students to give exposure to their potentials in one field or the other, As Variety is the very spice of life

that gives it all its flavor. A number of enthusiastic students express their vision of Indian culture in cultural and literary activities organized in the school.

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